15 Rules For Being Your Best Self At Work

 15 Rules For Being Your Best Self At Work

Fulfill your career dreams

The following rules will help you give your best at work and keep you happy outside of work. Success in life is summed up in these.


1. Decide beforehand to be a happy person irrespective of situations. Always have a positive attitude.

2. Know your job and do it well. Happily help when others require your assistance.

3. Become a better communicator – being hard working is not enough, effective communication helps manage your work relationships better.

4. Understand the environment and stay acquainted/updated with the dos and don’ts of the organization.

5. Understand your boss, his/her strengths, threats, dreams on the job and alliances. Then align yourself accordingly.

6. Be sociable. Make friends but know that there are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies in the workplace as interests change.

7. Keep your personal issues personal, and never throw trust on people. They came to work, and your life’s issues are not part of the work experience!

8. Take advantage of office politics but avoid public display of allegiance; power can change hands any time. You don’t want to be left with regrets afterwards.

9. Be a team player and never be too ambitious. Everyone wants to succeed just like you.

10. Be loyal, be dependable, be honest, work smart and do more than you are paid for.

11. Don’t come to the office to look for love and emotions, it’s not a love garden. Maturely handle your emotional needs without bringing it to public display.

12. Avoid having misunderstandings with people, except for the work’s sake and resolve them promptly when one arises.

13. Keep in mind that the organization does not love people. Rather, it loves good results from whoever it gets it from. That’s why you can be immediately replaced when the result is no longer coming from you.

14. Let your results speak for you wherever you are. When your result is evident, people will be drawn to you.

15. Your attitude is your altitude. No matter how good you are on the job, your attitude determines how far you go. Hence, you are responsible for the success of your career and dreams.


Do you have more that can be added to the list? Please include them in the comments section below.

See you at the top!

Uwamari Richard – Richardizm

About the author

Richard Uwamari – Richardizm is a certified management consultant and leads the team at hrm2day.com. He is also the consulting partner at Richystar Consulting limited, a management consulting firm based in Lagos Nigeria.

Having been in the HR industry for over a decade now, he’s contributed his expertise in meeting ‘people needs’ of several local and international organizations. Asides his management consulting interests, Richard has a deep commitment to youth empowerment where he’s been involved in several developmental activities. He likes music and good food!




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  • Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.

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