Productivity is a major requirement in any organization where profitability is desired. Profitability here transcends financial returns. It includes all the direct and indirect benefits accruable to stakeholders (investors, employers, employees, consumers/clients) as a result of their involvement in the business’ value chain. These benefits include ROI, personal development, job satisfaction, service excellence, etc. as it applies to the different parties.


Since organizations are made up of people, it goes to say that the profitability of an organization depends on the level of productivity of the people who work within it. In essence, the productivity of the individual member of the workforce contributes to the overall performance of the organization.

One of the simple ways to identify a serious-minded organization is the positive actions it initiates to ensure optimal performance of its team members because it understands that the extent of its growth depends on it.

Listed below are 3 major factors that affect people’s performance at work irrespective of their job functions or the organizations they work for:


  1. Competence:

Skill is required for productivity. What you don’t know, you don’t know! It requires competence to excel at work. It’s harder to do a job when you don’t know how to do it. People perform very poorly when they are not adequately skilled for that particular job function.

Training solves the problem of incompetence. Identify the skill gap and get the required training to bridge it.

Someone once said ‘don’t blame them if you don’t train them’.


It’s dangerous to have a carpenter for an accountant or a barber for a photographer without training. Do you want to do well on your job? Become competent! Study, observe, ask questions, and take the challenge of learning. And as a business manager, give attention to your team members’ competence if profitability means anything to you.

  1.  Attitude

Your attitude (they say) determines your altitude. Any competent person with character issues will never produce consistent results at optimal levels.

People with attitudinal issues are hardly dependable (as they can have displays anytime) and because you have to be very careful when relating with them to avoid drama, productivity can be hampered.

But this can be intentionally corrected; attitudes can be improved upon once the cause(s) are identified and the person(s) involved are willing for a change. Business owners/managers and leaders are expected to provide good work environments that foster personal improvement.

  1. Distractions (physical and psychological).

Although this can be very temporal, it’s the worst of all. A distracted person cannot maintain the focus required to deliver on set goals within a given time frame.

When people are distracted (irrespective of their competence and attitude), they can sometimes be absentminded, leading to delays, errors and display of lack of commitment in the things they do. This can be very costly for organizations with time bound products/services.

It’s in the bid to remove or reduce distractions that organizations develop people friendly policies, provide good office spaces, build staff quarters, provide staff buses, train employees, provide canteens, pension plans, education plans for staff children, pay employees well/on time, etc.

Two major sources of distraction are the home front (or personal concerns; family, personal ambition, health, morals, etc.) and organizational policies/factors (work environment, leadership style, compensation policy, career development opportunities, nepotism, etc.) while the physical environment comes next.

The Power of Gainful Engagement

Through effective engagement of team members/employees, business managers are expected to reduce distractions in the workplace to enable concentration on the work. Once you have a focused team member, building character and training for competency will be a worthy investment.


Determine Your Growth

No matter the current size of your team, their competence, attitude and ability to focus on the job per time will impact on their performance and eventually determine how fast and how far the organization grows. Thus, this requires your good attention as a business leader.

And as an individual, these three things are keys to your growth no matter your endeavor. So give yourself an advantage in life by being very competent in your chosen field, having the right attitude at all times and staying focused on the goal!

Are these the same for you? Let’s have your take in the comments section.

See you at the top!

About the author

Richard Uwamari – Richardizm is a certified management consultant and leads the team at hrm2day.com. He is also the consulting partner at Richystar Consulting limited, a management consulting firm based in Lagos Nigeria.

Having been in the HR industry for over a decade now, he’s contributed his expertise in meeting ‘people needs’ of several local and international organizations. Asides his management consulting interests, Richard has a deep commitment to youth empowerment where he’s been involved in several developmental activities. He likes music and good food!




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