The 4 Kinds Of Employees In Organizations and How To

The 4 Kinds Of Employees In Organizations and How To Manage Them A lot of times, organizations have employees in the character of its leaders. People tend to take on the character of their leaders after a period of time. On the other hand, people tend to develop habits in response/reaction to the leader’s character […]Read More

6 Ways To Manage A Difficult Boss

6 Ways To Manage A Difficult Boss Have you ever had a supervisor who just finds faults with everything you do? Ever had your boss tell you that you are a serious unfit for the organization, for reasons best known to him/her? How do you deal with such a difficult boss? Have you ever tried […]Read More

How To Be The Most Valuable Employee

How to be the most valuable employee. This article specifies 3 important ways to be a highly valuable employee or team player anywhere, anytime! The Leader Needs Valuable Employees and Team Members! I recall the story of the current governor of Lagos state; Mr Babajide Sanwoolu who cried out publicly that he had lost about […]Read More


The Staff Actually Resigned 3Months Ago!!!

The Staff Actually Resigned 3Months Ago! How do you increase employee engagement? I Am Resigning; There’s No Equity Here! In 2005, my friends and I were awe-struck when a respected leader in our church who worked with one of the multinational oil companies announced to us that he would be resigning from the organization in […]Read More


Years ago, I was working as the XO (Executive Officer) of a firm. It was a cool position, being next to the CEO. But there was a downside; salaries were being owed. And if there is one thing I absolutely do not smile at, it is labouring without seeing the reward. Eventually, the day came […]Read More

Why You Need To Change Your Leadership Style!

Why You Need To Change Your Leadership Style!: Have you ever seen nations, organizations, or teams that have their rules and regulations broken very often? Check the laws. Laws create cultures! It’s good to have rules and regulations but to depend majorly on threats and punishments for good performance can be counterproductive in the long […]Read More


3 MAJOR CAUSES OF UNDER-PERFORMANCE IN THE WORKPLACE Productivity is a major requirement in any organization where profitability is desired. Profitability here transcends financial returns. It includes all the direct and indirect benefits accruable to stakeholders (investors, employers, employees, consumers/clients) as a result of their involvement in the business’ value chain. These benefits include ROI, […]Read More


Almost every other day, we hear employees from different organizations complain about how they are being badly treated, while employers lament the insensitivity and lack of commitment of their workers. The majority of the complaints are usually around: Employees not taking full responsibilities of their jobs, hence failing in their periodic deliverables. Unrealistic goals given […]Read More


Stephen King said, “Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.” For one whose father left his mother with two boys to care for, under the pretext of ‘going to buy a pack of cigarettes,’ that is an incredible thing to say. If anybody had […]Read More


Good day! Today, I am going to begin with a statement that may not be palatable. Of course you definitely need help, don’t deny it! You mean after 5 years in employment, maintaining your simple and moderate lifestyle is a challenge if you do not receive salary for just 3 months? This is a serious […]Read More