Stephen King said, “Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.”

For one whose father left his mother with two boys to care for, under the pretext of ‘going to buy a pack of cigarettes,’ that is an incredible thing to say. If anybody had an excuse to keep what’s inside buried, Stephen had it. BUT he did not, and today, the world is better because of the ‘King of Horror.’

You may never be as monumentally successful as King, MJ or Federer; you may even go ahead and surpass them, but you will never know unless you unleash what you have. The greatest challenge of humans is not lack of talent or support; it is the fear of not succeeding at that which they’d rather be. As a result, they settle; for what is known, what works, the predictable and reliable, and drudgery…

The people who invent and innovate, challenge and reach higher, are those who decided to release what they carry.

To bring out the best in you:

Uncover Who You Really Are

Truly and thoroughly know what you are about. Who are you really?

Develop Your Gifts

All you need to make a mark is already inside you (in the form of gifts and capabilities). Just develop and deploy them. Skills sell; that is why you should work on your talents until they become marketable skills.

Permit Yourself To Succeed

Conversely, and equally important, is to permit yourself to fail. Folks often balk at daring because they are afraid of failing. Understand this: it is okay to succeed. It is also alright, if you fail on the way to that.

Get Education

Every champion knows that the medal is not won in the arena, rather in the place of preparation. Every champion has a coach. Find someone who has been where you want to be and learn from them.

Find Like-Minded People

Your Six-Circle (the six people who have the most influence on your life) is a pointer to how far you are likely to go. Choose intentionally (and sometimes brutally) the people you allow in your life.


As Eric Thomas said, “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful.”


Welcome to your future!

About The Author

John Chidi is a trainer, speaker, author and pastor.

He has a background in Human Resource Management, Conflict Resolution and Health, Safety, Security & Environment plus a range of capacities that can be described as eclectic.
He is the Chief Actuation Officer at Oak Stumps International – a non-governmental organization committed to regenerating relationships, renovating lives and rejuvenating dreams; and the President of Metanoien – a life skills & peak-performance outfit.

His passion is to empower destinies and help people embody excellence.
The author of Dedare’s Pride, The Law of Exchange, Fools 101, and other titles, he blogs at


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