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Good day!

Today, I am going to begin with a statement that may not be palatable.

Of course you definitely need help, don’t deny it! You mean after 5 years in employment, maintaining your simple and moderate lifestyle is a challenge if you do not receive salary for just 3 months? This is a serious case here!

If that sounds harsh, it is because it is meant to be. This is a reality check to, hopefully, get you, off your butt, and into the fight.

Someone once said that another definition of a job is ‘Just Over Broke.’ That is why it is a vicious cycle. It provides you with just enough to stay afloat but not enough to stop you from coming back (for more).

Even where you are paid fantastically, expenditure rises, naturally, to meet income. As such, in a short while, if care is not taken, what you earn is no longer enough to cater to your needs.

So, what should you do?

  • First, wake up to the reality that nothing is about to significantly change unless you cause it to.

Once you understand that, you quit waiting for something to happen that will change everything. You simply provoke it…

  • Secondly, lose the clutter

There are too many things you own (might even be that they own you) which you really can do without. Identify them and begin to free up money by letting them go

  • Thirdly, locate where you are made for

You are configured to do certain things more excellently than just about any other person. Find those things and major on them. It is an incredible waste to try to strengthen areas of weakness instead of propagating strengths.

  • Fourthly, begin now to pursue your dream

Retirement and ‘when I have done this and that, I’ll do that’ should never be your goal. If you wait till retirement, you are most likely already too tired. If you want to get it all right before launching out, you never will. Therefore, Start NOW!

And lastly, network

The idea is not forming alliances for its sake, it is to sell. Whatever it is that you have to offer, needs marketing; and folks are more likely to buy from people they already know. Except you are really good at cold call marketing, relationship marketing is your option.

If you are dissatisfied with the way things are now, then get up and take back control of your life.



Welcome to your future!

About The Author

John Chidi is a trainer, speaker, author and pastor.

He has a background in Human Resource Management, Conflict Resolution and Health, Safety, Security & Environment plus a range of capacities that can be described as eclectic.
He is the Chief Actuation Officer at Oak Stumps International – a non-governmental organization committed to regenerating relationships, renovating lives and rejuvenating dreams; and the President of Metanoien – a life skills & peak-performance outfit.

His passion is to empower destinies and help people embody excellence.
The author of Dedare’s Pride, The Law of Exchange, Fools 101, and other titles, he blogs at


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