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The 4 Kinds Of Employees In Organizations and How To

The 4 Kinds Of Employees In Organizations and How To Manage Them A lot of times, organizations have employees in the character of its leaders. People tend to take on the character of their leaders after a period of time. On the other hand, people tend to develop habits in response/reaction to the leader’s character […]Read More

6 Ways To Manage A Difficult Boss

6 Ways To Manage A Difficult Boss Have you ever had a supervisor who just finds faults with everything you do? Ever had your boss tell you that you are a serious unfit for the organization, for reasons best known to him/her? How do you deal with such a difficult boss? Have you ever tried […]Read More

How To Be The Most Valuable Employee

How to be the most valuable employee. This article specifies 3 important ways to be a highly valuable employee or team player anywhere, anytime! The Leader Needs Valuable Employees and Team Members! I recall the story of the current governor of Lagos state; Mr Babajide Sanwoolu who cried out publicly that he had lost about […]Read More


The Staff Actually Resigned 3Months Ago!!!

The Staff Actually Resigned 3Months Ago! How do you increase employee engagement? I Am Resigning; There’s No Equity Here! In 2005, my friends and I were awe-struck when a respected leader in our church who worked with one of the multinational oil companies announced to us that he would be resigning from the organization in […]Read More


Good day! Today, I am going to begin with a statement that may not be palatable. Of course you definitely need help, don’t deny it! You mean after 5 years in employment, maintaining your simple and moderate lifestyle is a challenge if you do not receive salary for just 3 months? This is a serious […]Read More

15 Ways To Behave In Public Places

15 Ways To Behave In Public Places. What is Public Behavior? Public behavior simply refers to how we perceive, act and generally relate with things, situations and people in public places. Where is a Public Place? Public places include the street, pubs, restaurants, buses, airplanes, shopping malls, just to mention a few. Why should you […]Read More


Our dress etiquettes go a long way in managing our relationships with people. To be taken seriously at first sight, it’s imperative that you dress for your destination each day, without fail. That means where you are going to, should be the key determinant of your appearance. This is because ‘work’ can be done at […]Read More

15 Rules For Being Your Best Self At Work

The following rules will help you give your best at work and keep you happy outside of work. Success in life is summed up in these.   1. Decide beforehand to be a happy person irrespective of situations. Always have a positive attitude. 2. Know your job and do it well. Happily help when others […]Read More


Every marriage consists of two people who must continually be in communication irrespective of whatever happens. Once there’s the willingness to keep communicating, there’s hope and with that, no challenge is insurmountable. It’s the same in the relationship the organization has with its employees. There must be continuous interest in maintaining effective communication. The management […]Read More


Have you ever seen nations, organizations, or teams that have their rules and regulations broken very often? Check the laws. Laws create cultures! It’s good to have rules and regulations but to depend majorly on threats and punishments for good performance can be counterproductive in the long run. The majority of today’s successful leaders find […]Read More