Team work works!

Allow me to share an Aesop Fable with you, it is known as “The Belly and the Members.”

One certain day, the members (parts) of the body, had a brainwave: they did all the work, but the belly got all the food. That did not seem fair. It was outright unproductivity and laziness on the part of the belly.

Therefore, they held a meeting to deliberate on the incongruity. A decision was reached: the other members (of the body) would go on strike until the belly started pulling its weight and sharing in the work.

All the parts literally stopped doing all the things for which they are known.

And they succeeded. The belly was starved of food.

However, due to lack of inactivity and the starvation of the belly, the other body parts began to pack up.

In the end, the whole body shut down.

The moral of the story: collaboration and synergy rocks!

Everyone needs each other

Truly successful leaders are not those who work so hard getting everything done, they are those who let everyone get everything done.

As Peter Drucker aptly put it, “The task of leadership is to create the alignment of strengths that makes the weakness of organizations irrelevant.”

Every human being is handicapped in some sense–what is your forte is another person’s monster. It does not make you a lesser person when you own up to an inadequacy. Rather, it is a mark of the strength that makes men great. You are hardwired to do certain things well and to be average or woeful in others–that is what makes you human.

Do not work so hard (solo) when you could easily achieve the same results with others.

Forge and use, value-adding teams.


Welcome to your future!


John Chidi is a trainer, speaker, author and pastor.

He has a background in Human Resource Management, Conflict Resolution and Health, Safety, Security & Environment plus a range of capacities that can be described as eclectic.

He is the Chief Actuation Officer at Oak Stumps International – a non-governmental organization committed to regenerating relationships, renovating lives and rejuvenating dreams; and the President of Metanoien – a life skills & peak-performance outfit.
His passion is to empower destinies and help people embody excellence.

The author of Dedare’s Pride, The Law of Exchange, Fools 101, and other titles, he blogs at


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