Years ago, I was working as the XO (Executive Officer) of a firm. It was a cool position, being next to the CEO. But there was a downside; salaries were being owed. And if there is one thing I absolutely do not smile at, it is labouring without seeing the reward. Eventually, the day came when I decided I had had enough.


But before that I had to confront what Steven Pressfield calls the voice of the lizard brain. Inside everyone’s brain is what is called the lizard brain. This is the prehistoric, early brain – the same (brain) that is in a lizard or any such – filled with fear, and consumed by reproduction.


That fear breeds resistance which urges you to conform, to compromise, to avoid rash moves, not to be a troublemaker… Most times, resistance talks nineteen to the dozen, barraging you with plenty of reasons why you should not rock the boat, why you should let well enough be.


What is often not so apparent is that in listening to that voice, beautiful opportunities are sabotaged and powerful openings to change things are lost.


So, I walked up to my boss and told him I was done. He thought I was crazy. Friends questioned my sanity. Who leaves a job without another lined up or no fallback plan whatsoever?


However, I was driven by one thing. Rather than work without pay, let me work for me and take whatever little comes in. And, I was consoled by one thing; I was brave enough to overcome the voice of the lizard brain.


One question for you: in what area(s) of your life is the voice of the lizard brain drowning out the courage to take the step(s) you need to take?!



Welcome to your future!




John Chidi is a trainer, speaker, author and pastor.

He has a background in Human Resource Management, Conflict Resolution and Health, Safety, Security & Environment plus a range of capacities that can be described as eclectic.
He is the Chief Actuation Officer at Oak Stumps International – a non-governmental organization committed to regenerating relationships, renovating lives and rejuvenating dreams; and the President of Metanoien – a life skills & peak-performance outfit.
His passion is to empower destinies and help people embody excellence.
The author of Dedare’s Pride, The Law of Exchange, Fools 101, and other titles, he blogs at



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