What Does Employers Want?

 What Does Employers Want?

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What Does Employers or Recruiters Want?

A lot of times, I am stunned when I see job seekers who think organizations should give them jobs because ‘they need to work’. In simple terms, employers should employ them just for the reason that they need to get a job to make ends meet.


It’s laughable; a big joke!


First, individuals who seek employment should first ask themselves “what can I offer this organization? What value can I add? How can this organization improve its products/services because of me?” Assuredly, CV with this kind of orientation will attract the right employer and anyone who attends an interview, armed with good answers to these questions is very likely to land the job.

This is because it easily provides an answer to the question of employers want.


The reason why you should ask yourself these questions as an applicant is as simple as ABC . . . every organization ‘employs’ because they have a need to be met; a goal to achieve. So they only employ the applicant that’s most promising. That you need to feed, pay bills or even bury a dead parent is not the organization’s business, but strictly your cup of tea. Please forgive my honest use of language!

So, it doesn’t add up when you come to an interview expecting to get a job because you’ve got three kids to cater for with a wife that is not working or that you are the only one taking care of your siblings after the demise of your parents. The list goes on and on. We understand all of that but that’s not the reason the business was set up. Dust the interview, get the job then those needs would get your good attention. Get rid of emotions here!



In today’s work world, having a pack of academic certifications is very good but not good enough. Your answer to the ‘what can you offer OR why should we hire you’ question is more important. I have seen OND holders employed for jobs where a Master’s Degree was the requirement. I have seen applicants with Ph.D. certificates perform woefully at job interviews where first degree was required.

I have worked in two organizations where I didn’t have the advertised academic qualification but the interviewers gave me attention when I told them I was the candidate they were hoping to get from the investments in the recruitment process. And I proved it.

That was simply because i understood what the employers wanted beforehand.

As an undergraduate, I attended an interview for a management trainee position in a 3 Star Hotel in Lagos several years ago. 620 applicants attended the interview and a first degree was the minimum requirement with professional certificates as an advantage. I had none then.

What Do You Want As An Employer?

Interestingly (and rather unfortunately), I was interviewed by the chairman; an elderly woman who looked most unfriendly. To start with, she said applying for a job I was not qualified for was rude, insulting and proof that I had problems following simple instructions. I looked directly in her face and said, ‘Ma, what do you want as an an employer, Certificates or performance? if you employ me and after 3months you are not particularly glad you did, I will refund you the salaries paid to me!’. She gave instructions for me to be employed without going through the remaining 2 stages of the interview process. I eventually didn’t resume at the company as an opportunity I had been waiting for for a long time showed up just 2 days to resumption.

It’s important to note that while people roam the streets job-hunting; it takes some organizations several months to find candidates to fit into some ‘simple’ positions. Truly competent applicants are not so easy to come by sometimes!



So the next time you think about getting a job offer from that organization, first get an answer to the questions above. Imagine conversing with the interviewer (s) as:

  • A Results Delivery Man

Businesses employ individuals who can solve the specific problems for which they are being recruited once they come onboard. Everyone wants good results. Organizations desire these good results even more.

So can you deliver the results the organization craves? Can you boldly tell them to count on you to deliver their expectations within a given time? Organizations want an individual who can deliver the results they desire.

  • A Loyal Business Partner

Every interviewer and of course business owner desires employees who work and commit themselves to their jobs like they own the business. They are called loyal partners of the business.

They are not just working to earn an income; they are genuinely interested in the goal and progress of the business. They have staying power. Effective employee engagement is very easy and productive with loyal employees with the mindset of a business partner.

Can you be such? Employers want you!

  • An Innovative Team Player

These are the days of teamwork in the world of work. Interest is now shifting to teamwork from individualism because of its many sided benefits.

When your primary interest is on getting the job done, who gets recognized for it would be secondary.

Can you be an innovative team player? Can you be trusted to consistently be a plus to the team even when you are not the leader? Employers want to have you in their team!

  • A Healthy Attitude

No matter how competent you are, irrespective of how committed you are to your work, if you wear the wrong attitude, it’s all zero!

Yeah, you read well. You have to wear the right attitude like a garment at all times. It matters the most . . . and that’s why I decided to put it last here.

Bad workplace attitude can be contagious, very contagious especially when it’s negative. Negative vibes spread faster.

No organization wants to carry that baggage.


These are in-exhaustive essential elements for employment into any well-meaning organization.

You will be easily hired if you have these. Not just having them, you need to prove them from your CV, to your display at the interview session. Yes, it starts with your CV!


In case you are reading this as an employer of labor, make yourself an employer of choice by looking out for these things and incorporating them into your recruitment template. You will be glad you did.


So before setting out for the job hunt, properly arrange your CV; let it tell the world that you deliver results, you are a good business partner and an innovative team player with an excellent attitude. And when you show up at the interview, confidently tell them you have come to add value and take the business to the next level!

See you on top!


About the author

Richard Uwamari – Richardizm is a certified management consultant and leads the team at hrm2day.com. He is also the consulting partner at Richystar Consulting limited, a management consulting firm based in Lagos Nigeria.

Having been in the HR industry for over a decade now, he’s contributed his expertise in servicing several local and international organizations. Asides his great knowledge in other areas of the management consulting field, Richard remains one of the best names to mention when it comes to employee engagement.



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